The Semmes Reflection

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Many of us experience heartache and pain. Many of us experience the loss of someone we hold dear to us. The Semmes is a humble family, devoted to one another and always stood for what they believed in and what was right. This is their story of hope through many years of suffering they endured as a family over a loss that no family chooses to experience. Its times like these that love of a family has to dig down deep inside and somehow find the strength to go on, though you leave something behind. What do you do? How do you overcome? When will we be together again? These are the questions the Semmes will have answered. The Semmes have been through it all, as a family and know what it takes to survive. You see, strength lies in
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So many have experience much same thing, even having the breath knocked out of them and don’t know where to turn. Many of us cry, “Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong?” The questions sometimes go unanswered. Why? We never wanted life to turn out this way. We never asked for it to begin with. It is hard climbing mountains in our way. We anticipate what’s at the top, only to realize when we get there, that it wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be and we climb back down sometimes with less than we took the trip for to begin …show more content…
Some never experience what this family went through, but seem to have all the answers of why it shouldn’t have happened. One mother faced a loss that no mother wishes to experience. This mother held on for years to just hope. This mother cried herself to sleep many nights, searching for her baby girl. Would she ever see her again? She yearned to hold her just one more time. She never wanted to let her go. Why should she? A mother’s love means a life’s devotion and sometimes a life’s sacrifice with but one thought, one hope and one feeling, that her children will grow up healthy and strong, free from evil habits and able to provide for themselves. Her sole wish is that they may do their part like men and women, avoid dangers and pitfalls, and when dark hours come, trust in God to give them strength, patience and courage to bear up

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