The Semi Sacred Role Of Public Opinion Essay examples

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The Semi-Sacred Role of Public Opinion in the United States
Public opinion is a collection of individual opinions and reflects majority beliefs. This means that one must interview different individuals and add their opinions in order to have a public opinion. Public opinion is a reflection of the beliefs of the majority in that it is based on what majority of the people think (Glynn, Herbst, Okeefe and Shapiro, p. 11). Opinions of friends, neighbours and co-workers are reported in such a way that they conform to the majority opinion. Public opinion occurs as a result of social processes that affect the nature of attitudes, beliefs and values. This means that public opinion is entangled in various societal forces such as the family concept, changes in demographic profiles, or even societal problems.
The idea that public opinion is always intertwined with social life means that it cannot be easily separated from societal forces so one must always be aware of communication of beliefs and opinions. Public opinion is a very complex term to define mainly because many researchers and theorists have suggested different assumptions and methodologies. From the definition above, the term public opinion is vague and imprecise and this reflects the complex nature of the concept. Furthermore, public opinion is highly influenced by historical circumstances, including the current political culture, nature of the communication process, and how public participation is government activities…

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