Essay on The Self Portrait I Tried

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Self Portrait: In the self-portrait I tried to use a mix of the two strategies into one photo. I incorporated the strategies of contradiction and also exhibitionism to portray the destruction of stress. I tried to express a contradiction of my personality through the visualization of a gag, and the process of stress causing the contradiction of my true personality. The gag, which is stretched is to appear as it is skin being stretched. This is supposed to symbolize the contradiction of my personality as stress makes me feel as if my whole being is being stretched and cracked. The “stretched skin” could visualize a gag as stress has destroyed my will to speak and reach out for comfort, it contradicts my true personality as a talkative, usually optimistic person. The gag and the stretched skin are a contradiction to my personality and symbolizes the destruction of stress as it gags and restricts my true talkative personality to emerge again. The stretched skin also is an exhibitionism as it at first appears laughable my mouth cannot be seen, but gives off a sinister note that the stretched skin also symbolizes a gag. The red strand by my eye and black/gray streaks under my eye symbolizes the consequences of stress and reflects the contradiction of my personality. The red strand and black/grey streaks amplify the sinister path and destruction of stress as it drains, and suck the life out of the heart and soul of a person. The red leaf and background is used to connect how…

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