Essay on The Self Driving Car Works

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Autonomous Vehicles
A person pulls up to the red light. He looks to left, then looks to again, and takes a third glance to see what he thought he saw the first time- self-driving car. Many still think this is a figure of the imagination, but they are actually real. They are among us, and are anticipated by society. The human race has had the ability to experience self-driving vehicles for a couple of years now. It started when four to six back up sensors were installed into the rear or front bumper. These allow the operator of the vehicle know when they are about to hit another object behind or in front of the car. These new simple technologies developed into installing a backup camera so the person could see what was behind them, and it will continue to develop into new ideas. The way a self-driving car works is the vehicle has a camera on the front and rear of the vehicle. For example, an F-150 has its camera in the rear view mirror looking straight ahead at the road being traveled. Then the four to six sensors become active, these sensors are the same as the backup sensors used in years before. They monitor the distance that an object is from the vehicle that the person is in. The only difference is that they are now on all the time, not just when the vehicle is in reverse. These cameras do not work on their own though. A factory installed GPS works with the camera on the vehicle to see where there are bends and turns in the road and intersections where lights are.…

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