Essay on The Self Driving Car : Google Glass

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Week Eight Assignment: Final Case Study For this assignment I will research and discuss five Goggles technologies that I have found to be interesting and that have the potential to improve our society. Google is best known as the online search engine giant that many other search engines are trying to emulate. Google is instrumental in the research and development of many things that we are unaware of. For this assignment the five technologies I will present are the self-driving car, Google’s internet and television service known as Google Fiber, Google’s futuristic eyeglasses named Google Glass, Google’s approach to renewable and sustainability solution, and Google Loon which is an attempt to provide internet in rural and remote areas. We will begin the discussion with what just might be the most exciting of Google’s research the self-driving car.
Self-Driving Automobile Google’s self-driving car is bringing movies from my child hood like Back to the Future and Men-in-Black to reality. Google’s self-driving car is an electric car designed to transport up to two individuals from one location to another. Manufactured in the Detroit area and powered by an electronic motor the self-driving car can travel approximately 100 miles using digital maps and a GPS to navigate through cities. Sensors and software are used to recognize obstacles and traffic conditions around the car (Gibbs, 2014). During my research the most common challenge Google is having is figuring…

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