Iliad Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis of Iliad
Who owns you? The self-determination of women has transformed over time. In many parts of today’s world, women are treated as equals to men, but in Homer’s Iliad this is not the case. Women in Iliad are portrayed in many ways, but none of them can choose their destiny. Woman such as Chryseis are treated as property or prizes, Helen who is a beauty is blamed for the Trojan War, whereas Andromache is shown as a dutiful wife who is respected by her husband. In the patriarchal society of Iliad, women have very little control over their own fate and are subjects to the whims of men. Women like Chryseis are placed in situations without their consent. Agamemnon receives Chryseis as his prize which shows that women are
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They don’t have any right to have feelings or think about what they want. Helen is portrayed in that way because Paris and Menelaus fight because they want Helen. They fight without thinking what does Helen want. In Iliad Homer portrays women as “objects” who have no control over their life, but Andromache is a dutiful wife who is respected by her husband. She is the epitome of a dutiful wife and mother. Though Andromache is respected by her husband, ladies of Troy have to beg the lives of their husbands to gods and goddesses:
Tell me at once, and clearly, please, my lady Andromache, where has she gone?
To see my sisters, or brothers’ wives?
Or to Athena’s temple? Ladies of Troy are there to make petition to the goddess.’ (6.J.78-82)
Andromache gives advice to Hector concerning the war and the protection of Troy which gives her a learned and literate recognition. She is aware Hector can die in the battle, and if he dies then she and her child will be taken by the

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