The Self Assessment Test ( Bethel, 2014 ) Essay

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Through the Looking Glass

Many areas were covered in the self-test. Many of us may have been displeased with some low scores or maybe pleasantly surprised by some maturity they have grown into. If you are just an average everyday joker like me, you had more in the middle than anywhere else. The test was very vast and gave me a strong sense of where I was lacking. I don’t want to dwell on this but build myself up around areas I am strong (Bethel, 2014). Knowing the good, the bad and the middling can help more than we appreciate.

Areas low on the totem for me were areas that are usually high for happy people, like myself. Optimism, time management and energy were some of the lowest scores on my self-assessment test (Bethel, 2014). I also have to push myself more to get things done than I did in the past. I have worked with the general public for the past 30 years in their worst of times. I believe this has taken a bigger toll on me mentally and physically than I had thought.

I did find some positive aspects while looking in the mirror. These positives, ironically, were generally focused around my career as well. Leadership, critical thinking and prioritization skills were all at the top of the list (Bethel, 2014). All these areas were developed over time while working, many times with just my partner. We managed to care for people who could not talk to us at times. We had to deal with the worst stuff first and dealt with the best…

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