The Self Assessment Test Assessment Essay

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The self-assessment test that was required for our unit 2 assignment helped to identify your strengths and weakness of education. I think that this self-assessment is just to serve as a baseline to help identify main areas you as a person think you are lacking in, and could improve upon. After taking the self-assessment I have identified a few areas that I believe to be some of my strengths and weaknesses. I did see a reoccurring pattern of poor time management and planning skills, but did not learn anything new about my strengths or weaknesses as a person from this self-assessment. I feel that a more in-depth assessment that asked questions to identify knowledge of some of the subjects within the assessment would help a little more with identifying how strong or weak one is in a certain area.

The weaknesses I identified for myself during the self-assessment are planning, positive visualization and optimism, ability to focus on one thing at a time, and time management skills (Bethel University, 2014). I should try harder to schedule all that goes on in my life so that it is planned and organized, but my job in the military doesn’t really allow for that. In some cases or short periods of time I can plan accordingly with some tasks so I am not scrambling around trying to get everything accomplished at once, but most of the time I am not afforded the opportunity as my job always has to come first. Time management could fall under the same explanation as planning, but it is…

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