The Segregation Of Black Men, Women, And Children Essay

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Separate But Unequal
Race is an idea that was constructed as a way to further the white race, and oppress all other races, in this case, especially black men, women, and children. The Jim Crow Laws were used as a way for the white race, to assert their dominance over African-Americans. This set of laws promised a “separate but equal south,” but really, the Jim Crow laws allowed African Americans to be treated as second class citizens. These laws gave Whites an unfair privilege while People of Color’s human rights were stripped away, they also had a poor education system, but also these laws still affect the way we live today.

We live in a country where we stand by the phrase “all men are created equal” unless you are an African American living in the white south during twentieth century. They were denied basic rights and were treated as if they weren 't even human. In alabama there was a law that stated “No person or corporation shall require any white female nurse to nurse in wards or rooms in hospitals, either public or private, in which negro men are placed.” Which meant that the health care that they got was nowhere close to the quality of the care and facilities that the Whites had the privilege of using. The “black only” hospitals were poorly staffed, the doctors and nurses were ill trained. Especially the equipment that these hospitals would get would be subpar, or broken and worn out. Many times when a white hospital would get new equipment in an act of…

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