The Segregation Of African Americans Essay

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Following the Reconstruction period, a majority of American local government and states used Jim Crow laws to segregate the whites and the blacks. These segregation laws were ways to keep the African American population marginalized and an attempt for white supremacy to endure. “Jim Crow was not just a system of laws, excluding black people from public accommodations; it was a code of conduct that relegated African Americans to second class citizens.” (Gates) Although some African Americans were able to find success living in a “separate, but equal” society, Southern White dominance encourage African Americans to Relocate.
Challenging the segregation laws, a fairer skin African American was used to represent the African Americans and in many of those legal cases, the African American was indistinguishable from a white person. In Plessy v. Ferguson, Plessy was one eight black. He was arrested for attempting to ride on the coach designated for the white people. In 1896, The Supreme Court upheld Louisiana statute, claiming that separating the races did not imply inferiority and his rights were not denied. The Plessy ruling encouraged southern states and cities to expand on racial segregation (Hine 359.)

Frustrated by the unfulfilled promises of the Emancipation Proclamation, many African Americans turned to the next generation to uplift their status and believed educating the children would be the key to overcome white dominance. Under the leadership of Booker T.…

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