Essay about The Segregation Of African Americans

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By 1895, African Americans in the South had been liberated for about thirty years. Yet, their situation had hardly improved. Economically, a few had been able to obtain land of their own and most continued to work for white proprietors under various forms of labor arrangements. Thus, “legal” segregation came about in the form of Jim Crow laws throughout the South. During this time violence, intimidation, and lynching were common. The situations blacks faced in the years after Reconstruction were quite harsh but the alternatives given by leaders in the African Americans community provided some sort of relief. In their times, Wells, Washington, Turner, DuBois, and Harper were important and respected figures. Some of these leaders suggested that African Americans leave discriminating areas, while others suggested focusing on economic opportunities, returning to the motherland, pursuing a liberal arts education and socioeconomic justice, and mothers taking on a huge part of advancement for their children. Even though the suggested methods differed greatly, all of these leaders aimed for the same ultimate goal - complete social, political, and economic equality.
Ida B. Wells encouraged African Americans to leave brutal, unequal localities and use violence too. The New South was built on African-American labor and Northern wealth. It was anticipated that a lack of African-American labor would dry-up northern capital, “They have cheated him out of his ballot, deprived him of civil…

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