Essay on The Seemingly Allusive Concept Of Creativity

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Significance. This research study focuses primarily on the seemingly allusive concept of creativity. Creativity is often defined in terms of products. An idea can not be considered creative unless it shows an observable outcome, in other words, a practical creation (Plucker & Lim, 2001). These outcomes must be easily measured and consistently serve the same practical purpose (Plucker & Lim, 2001).
In the 21st century, creativity has many outlets, one of which is social media. In the age of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr, any number of people can log-on to a plethora of social expressivity and creative thought. One website remains considerably different from the others. Pinterest hosts approximately 17.8 million users, which in terms of user population is third behind twitter and facebook (Phillips, Miller, & McQuarrie, 2013). Pinterest users collect digital images and “pin” or post them to various customizable boards for other users to see. This site contains measurable products of practical use, which fall under the definition of creativity. A connection between pinterest and creativity is an important correlation to research because of the conclusions that may be drawn about the origins and/or incubators of creativity. This connection could therein determine a source or characteristic which promotes creativity.
Gap and Innovation. This study shares qualities of other research projects, but also differs in many key ways. This project is similar in that it deals…

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