The Seed Of The Innate Light Essays

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PA is the seed of the innate light, which has the effect of shining the light throughout the Dharmadattu. This light also means wisdom, therefore, when we cultivate the seed syllable PA, the result is the cultivators will manifest the wisdom that penetrates all phenomena in the universe.

Let us regularly visualize the seed of light PA to develop the wisdom light so that we will have a more comprehensive worldview and a more expansive and compassionate heart. For example, when we are selfish and ungenerous, and we always like to find faults, to mock, and criticizing others, as we practice the seed syllable PA, our heart will become open, forgiving, embracing and we will conduct our lives in a more gentle way.

THA is the seed of the innate light which can open the boundless light and limitless non-outflow seeds from the Treasury of the True Mind or Suchness. This Treasury of Suchness is inherent in everyone, no less in ordinary people, no more in the sages, therefore, it is called Equal Access.

Let us regularly visualize the seed of light THA to open up the boundless power of the innate clarity and purity that lies dormant in our ordinary consciousness. For example, when we are lost in the cycle of greed and selfishness, or tying ourselves to desires, the seed THA has the power to help us rise above this egocentric consciousness.

Gate in Limitless Different Gate means the connection between the subject which is the True Mind to the countless objects in this dualistic…

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