The Security Council : A Reform Of The United Nations Essay

1042 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
Decades after the creation of the United Nations, a reform of its Security Council has been a highly discussed topic of many political debates. The global political field has changed drastically since the establishment of the UN, and yet the Security Council has adapted little to new world demands. Despite the many calls for change in the past, efforts to reform the UNSC have proven to be unsuccessful because of the abusive power of veto, held by the permanent members (P-5). To begin discussing the substantial power of the veto held by the P-5, one must first understand what a reform of the Security Council will address. After reviewing past reforms, one can concede the major issues surrounding the UNSC would focus on the possibilities of new permanent membership and changes to veto power. As evidenced by the trend of veto uses in the past, there is without a doubt that future reforms concerning the use of veto would be inevitably overruled by the veto wielders to preserve national interest and influence. It is regularly cited the Security Council’s veto power is unsuited for the modern political landscape and with all things considered, the most important aspect of this study is to understand that any reform of the Security Council would be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Various political debates have been discussed over the present status of the Security Council. To begin, one must first understand the primary responsibility of the Security Council. As one of…

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