The Security Concern Of The Network Essay

1506 Words Jun 1st, 2016 null Page
With the advancements in information technology, the security concern of the users in the network is increasing drastically. Various approaches have been adopted to protect respective network from un-authorized users. New innovative methods have been presented in order to identify potential discrepancies that can damage the network. Most commonly used approach for this purpose is vulnerability assessment. Vulnerability can be defined as the potential flaws in the network that make it prone to possible attack by un-authorized user. Assessment of these vulnerabilities provides a way to identify as well as develop innovative strategies in order to protect the network. Numbers of software applications have been introduced for this purpose. However, majority of the software developers are not fully aware of the security measures that must be introduced in these applications in order to eliminate these vulnerabilities [1]. The main motive for most of these developers is to develop a software application that can run in one desired state. They mainly refuse to take into consideration the possible flaws in the programming language, the higher risk of any user of being under attack through unauthorized access. The software developed with such flaws not only makes the user vulnerable to serious attacks but also network becomes a prone factor by compromising significant security aspects of the users. Thus, it is significantly important to device innovate methodologies and…

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