The Secret War By Tim O ' Brien Essay

1314 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
Losing someone that you know is ever easy, but losing a lover can tear you apart. The grief that Rat Kiley felt after his best friend, Curt Lemon, died drove him crazy. Everything from writing a “heartfelt” letter to Curt’s sister to abusing a baby buffalo. Grief is different for everyone, but what if Rat’s grief was so strong because he just lost his war lover? Although the secret war lover may be present in Tim O’Brien’s How to Tell a True War Story, masculinity and violence are also on almost every page. War is perceived as such a masculine and violent thing, but the beautiful death of Rat’s lover made the perfect war-love story. When I first read this story, I really did think it was about telling if a war story is true or not. When the narrator said that Rat’s story wasn’t a war story, it was a love story, my outlook on Rat and Curt’s friendship changed. The narrator says that Rat was heartbroken over the death of his best friend, but then I thought their friendship was more of a relationship. When Rat came across the baby buffalo, he shot it because he couldn’t deal with the grief he felt. He didn’t want the baby buffalo to die, he wanted it to hurt just like Rat’s heart did. Rat and Curt played the yellow mother game of tossing the smoke grenades and chickening out, which as I took as a flirting game that they played to pass time. Rat says that Curt was such a great, great guy, which made me think that Rat though he was such a great guy romantically. Another thing…

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