The Secret Of Raising Smart Kids By Dr. Dweck And Matthew Effect

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Are personal achievements created due to an accident in people’s birth or even due to luck? Some people think that people are born with talents and get to become successful because of that. They say that people who are born with advantages get to be more advantageous whereas others who are born with disadvantages get to be more disadvantageous. However, all these arguments about success are proven wrong because success can not be created due to luck or a birth accident. In order to achieve greatness, people must have the opportunity and the determination to work hard, persist, persevere, and accomplish their goals. After examining the article, “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids” By Dr. Dweck and the “Matthew Effect” from the Outliers novel by Gladwell, it is clear that both are using strong arguments due to the fact they included a good organizational structure, examples, and language use which made them more persuasive to their readers. First, Dweck used a strong organization in her writing to make it easiest for her readers to follow and understand her topic. To start her piece Dweck began with an anecdotal story of a student named Jonathan picturing the changes of his mind-set throughout his school years. She describes, “A brilliant student, Jonathan sailed through grade school [...] In the seventh grade, Jonathan suddenly lost interest in school, refusing to do homework or study for tests. As a consequence, his grades plummeted” (Dweck 1). Dweck used an anecdotal story…

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