The Secret Lives Of Driven Kids By Alexandra Robbins Essay

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In the novel, Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids, author, Alexandra Robbins, argues that it is not good for the students to be under an extreme amount of pressure in school and I certainly agree with this statement. Parents are often the ones who place an excessive amount of pressure on their children to succeed, even starting before they are born. This pressure that parents place on their children can lead to immoral behavior, such as cheating. The overachieving students may come across as perfect on the outside, but by having so much pressure placed on them to be perfect, they may get into a mindset where they focus too much on comparing their standardized test scores and GPAs with other students’, causing them to be left feeling inferior and that their own best is not good enough.
Parents play a major role in the reasons that their children experience so much stress, not only in high school, but all throughout their lives. Starting from when their child is only two years old, some parents will do anything to get their children into an elite pre school because they believe that it will ultimately lead to an Ivy League acceptance letter fifteen years down the road. The pressure put on children by their parents can start as early as before they are even born. There are many private preschools that will accept students as young as two years old, so parents start searching for ways for their children to be accepted into these schools years in advance.As I was…

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