The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The most obvious moral that would qualify “The Necklace” as a parable would be “tell the truth.” Had Mathilde and her husband told Mathilde’s friend the truth, they would have saved themselves from ten years of poverty. If they would have chosen to tell the truth, they would have known that the necklace was a fake and would not have gone into debt after assuming the necklace was real and exhausting all of their savings on a real necklace.
“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” is a story that’s written from a playful and imaginary place. This story is filled with adventure and comedy that keeps the reader interested from beginning to end. The main characters’ internal struggle
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Even though there are many differences between the two short stories, there are just as many similarities between the two. They each make the audience question many things. Things dealing with gender and the roles they play in literature, and if escapism is healthy. Both Walter and Mathilde indulge in escapism as a way to escape their daily reality. They daydream to become something they are not. Things they want to be. Things they believe they should be. Walter fantasizes of being a heroic figure, one who saves lives and is important. Mathilde fantasizes about being a woman of importance, An Escape 9 wealth and status. In both cases, the main characters are unhappy in their current lives and look to dreaming up the way they believe their lives should be to find some solitude and happiness within themselves.

An Escape 10
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