Essay on The Secret Life Of Pets

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The Secret Life of Pets is a very entertaining animated children’s movie. It is about a dog named Max who lives a very pampered life with his owner Katie in a New York City apartment. When Katie and the other pet owners in the apartment complex leave for the day, Max hangs out with his friends Gidget, Chloe, and a few others. One day, Katie brings home another dog from the pound, Duke, who makes life a little harder on Max. There is sort of a struggle at first, but soon the two dogs are forced to work together to help each other. After a small conflict in which they lose their collars, they end up headed for the pound, but with the help of a deranged bunny named Snowball, they manage to escape. Snowball leads a gang of different animals called “The Flushed Pets” who are pets that were abandoned or mistreated. Snowball’s main goal is to get revenge on all the humans who have wronged him, and Duke and Max act like they live the same lifestyle. But, soon Snowball learns of the truth and the two dogs are on the run from the dogcatcher, Snowball, while at the same time trying to get home. Meanwhile, Max’s friends go out to search for the lost dog. Overall, it is a good movie with many good real world life lessons and messages that apply to everyone. One message that hits home for a lot of people is that no one likes to talk about a sad event from their past. In the movie, Duke is telling Max about a past owner whom he accidently ran away from. Throughout the telling of the story,…

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