Essay on The Secret Life Of Bees

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Universals Although the human race has numerous unique cultural opinions, all parents have an ideal role and pressure that their society places on them. For most children, their father is a significant impact on their life and character, and can influence them regardless of whether their relationship is negative, positive, or even neutral. Many people have at least one father figure in their lives who expresses affection and warmth whether it is by handing monetary gifts, upholding strict standards, or sacrificing anything for their young ones. However, some children must take a psychological toll due to an abusive relationship with a guardian, or maybe their guardian is absent. As depicted in The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and Forgiving Our Fathers by Dick Lourie, when a father fails to fully love and care for his family, it clearly can affect his child’s journey towards a harmonic, loving life. It 's often presumed that a parent should love, care, and provide for his/her family, however, someone who doesn 't do these tasks is typically seen as heartless and not mature enough to raise the future generation. Both prominent men in The Secret Life of Bees and Forgiving Our Fathers failed to meet these ideas. As a lover, T.Ray may have even once “worshipped” Deborah, Lily’s mother, early in their relationship (Kidd, 248). Although their romance and care for each other declined over time, Deborah felt obligated to stay in the relationship and marry T.Ray…

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