The Secret Life Of Babies Essay

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I found the “Secret Life of Babies” video interesting throughout. The first thing that I did not know what when babies are born the hole in the bottom of their heart closes, a procedure that can only be done on adults with open heart surgery. I never knew this before. Babies can swim, I had also thought babies could not swim. When you see a baby you do not think they would be able to, so to see this was shocking to me. Toward the end of the film when they showed Georgie who could not walk yet due to Cerebral Palsy but she could swim I found interesting. This is something else I would never think if because you cannot move your legs well or at all how can you swim?
When babies are in the NICU they sometimes turn the temperature down to hypothermal level because it helps prevent any brain damage from occurring. Something I found to be strange was when they said babies can feel loud noises in their fingertips, and see bright light and smell it. The last thing that I found of interest to me was that the mother’s heart beat the baby hear is loud. It could compare to the sound of a sports car, and that maybe why babies fall asleep in a car because they are familiar with the sound.

We read eight different articles about childhood vaccinations. Most had the same things in common, people do not know the facts and are listening to others who are going off their own beliefs. Jenny McCarthy is one of the people other are believing though she is not a doctor. Linking autism to…

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