The Secret Garden Themes

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There are various themes that children stories address. There are children’s' books that describe empires, class, love, families, and other issues. Such topics are very helpful as they help a child to grow and develop by relating to some of the stories. The setting of such stories depicts different classes and backgrounds to give the story a specific taste. Some stories have a rural setting while others revolve around urban life. The social groupings represented in these stories are either rich or poor social classes. The class is essential to allow kids to identify with and learn that no matter where you come from, with hard work and determination you can create a better life. One of the books that depict both class and the power of transformation is The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The novel The Secret Garden talks about Mary …show more content…
While Mary's parents and Colin’s parents belonged to a wealthy family within the English society, Martha and her brother Dickson, Ben and other workers in the Manor belonged to another the working class that can be considered inferior. Note throughout Mary's childhood life before her parent's death; she lived under the care of Indian servants as her parents went out to work. Although her parents worked, it was not in some low ranks like soldiers but among the rulers. This setting brings to view the difference in classes of the different characters in the novel. When Mary first arrives in London, Mrs. Medlock, a housekeeper at Misselthwaite is sent to go get Mary and bring her back home. In so doing, she misses her nieces wedding. This illustration seeks to show how different social classes in the novel interacted with one being dominant over the other. We can almost sympathize with Mrs. Medlock when she misses the wedding but that’s how society worked at the time. You didn’t get much say when you collided with another who was above your

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