Essay on The Secret About Whitewashing : A Message Of Hollywood

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The Secret About Whitewashing: A Message to Hollywood
Globalisation is an important factor in shaping modern life. With the world as interconnected as it is, it is critical that our media should reflect a much broader audience. Hollywood however has overlooked this need for more ethnic representation and instead blatantly ignores how the world is made up of a diverse collection of people who all have a story to tell. A non-stereotypical, non-background character of colour is a hard thing for Hollywood to create, let alone comprehend. Even though Hollywood believes coloured skin will not sell, whitewashing in Hollywood films has been around for a long time and it needs to come to a stop because it promotes fear and resistance to change in audiences, it builds insecurities in coloured youth, and it makes audiences view POC (people of colour) as something other than a person. Although whitewashing is a modern term used to describe white actors replacing actors of colour in films, casting minorities in roles has always been a ‘big no no’ in Hollywood. The Wooing and Wedding of a Coon and The Slave are two among the thousands of produced films that install racial stereotypes in the early nineteen hundreds (Blackface!). Many assume issues including blackface and similar offensive representation is only when a white person paints their skin to portray someone of colour. This is not the exact truth. Blackface and similar forms of racial representation is when racist stereotypes are…

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