The Second World War II Essays

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The Second World War II started in 1939, between the Allies (England and France) and the Axis (Germany, Japan and Italy). This war may have been primarily the result of the dissatisfaction with the agreement of the World War I, which were registered with the signing of the Central powers and the Allies the Treaty of Versailles and the Axis countries interest in expanding their territories. The dimensions of this conflict generate that more countries joined the war, for these reasons, countries such as China or the Sovietic Union became part of the Allies, since they were being attack by the Axis group. However, some countries that were not been directly attacked started to consider their participation, which is the case for the United States. Despite the desire to remain neutral during the World War II, certain events that threaten the county’s safety forced the American government to be involved in the war, which at the end of the conflict had economic and political consequences.
The perception of danger on the sovereignty of the United States generated the countries participation in the war. At the beginning of the war, the United States assumed that if England or France were defeated, German or Japan would attack the country. For these reasons, the American government decide to provide military support to England that way they would helped the Allies without being directly involved in the war. In 1940, the US decided “to transfer to British, fifty old destroyer in…

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