The Second World War II Essay

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World War II The Second World War began in 1939 when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. World War II lasted six long years. During those six years, many civilians and military people had lost their lives. The Second World War came to an end when the Allies dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945. World War II destroyed more than any previous war. This war had destroyed property all over the globe. Adolf Hitler wanted to have world domination which leads us to World War II. Hitler invaded Poland in September of 1939 which then caused Great Britain and France to announce war on Germany. The Second World War consisted of a lot of deaths ranging from soldiers to innocent civilians. The largest group of civilians that were targeted during World War II were the Jews. Hitler believed that the Jews were the reasoning for all of Germany’s problems. Due to his high power, Hitler had many people on his belief system. While Hitler had acquired his power, he created somewhat of a cult, known as the Nazi Party. With the help of his foolish followers, Hitler was able to relocate millions and millions of Jewish, homosexuals, Communists and political dissenters. Hitler had created multiple concentration camps all throughout Germany. In these concentration camps, many people suffered and died painful deaths. This war lasted nearly six years and throughout those six dreadful years, nearly sixty million people were killed. This is also known as the Holocaust. The…

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