The Second World War II Essay

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The Second World War was another chapter in humanity, World War Two consisted of numerous violent battles, it was the cause of the deaths of over 60 million people. The Second World War is also remembered for great sacrifices that were made in order to insure the world 's freedom. However, one event in particular that guaranteed a victory for the Allies was the Invasion of Normandy, otherwise known as D-Day or Operation Overlord, no matter what the invasions are called the names all mean one thing, the event that changed the outcome of one of the monumental wars in history. D-Day is the substantial reason that resulted in an Allied victory. The victory at Normandy was a major accomplishment for the Allies, from the preparations to the actual landings all was well worth it.
For years, the entire world passively watched Adolf Hitler 's rise to power. After the Germans conquered all of France, other countries such as Britain, The U.S., and Russia woke up to the reality that global power by Germany was inevitable. After Hitler declared war upon the U.S., the Americans made an agreement with Britain to help supply them with arms, as well as provide help. The Invasions of Normandy was not a last minute operation put together, an abundance of preparation went into operation Overlord. When the plan was settled in the spring of 1944, Britain, and the U.S. began to train thousands of troops for undoubtedly the most significant battle in World War II. However, in early June 1944, there…

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