The Second View Of The Book Of Hebrews Essay

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The first eight verses in the book of Hebrews have been discussed and debated for centuries as Dr. Toussaint accurately describes it as “an infamously difficult passage.” The following paper will discuss three widely interpreted views of this passage and why I believe the third viewpoint is the most accurate interpretation. The first view is this passage describes a saved person who loses his/her salvation. The second view is this passage is written for believers and discusses their works and rewards. Finally, the third view, which I believe is the accurate interpretation and will defend, is this passage is a warning to those thinking they are Christians, had professed faith in Christ, but were on the verge of leaving the church and possibly converting back to their old ways.
Before we detail the interpretations of this passage, we must set the context. The audience in Hebrews was certainly involved in the local church. They received instruction and were exhorted to mature in their faith. They were encouraged to “…leave the elementary teaching about the Christ” and to “…press on to maturity.” The Hebrew audience, as are Christians today, are encouraged to go on a journey to maturity. A parallel passage can be found in Heb 5:14 where the passage speaks of solid food being for the mature. They were deeply involved and deeply educated. In fact, v4 says they were 1) “enlightened by the Holy Spirit”; 2) had “tasted the heavenly gift”; 3) they were “partakers of the…

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