The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir Essay examples

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Within a few chapters in The Second Sex by Simone De Beauvoir, she uses the terms "immanence" and "transcendence". These two terms have very opposite meanings. Immanence is a term used to define women and transcendence is used to describe the male gender. These terms define the situations that men and women are involved in. In one of the chapters Beauvoir goes into depth about three kinds of illusions that women construct that demonstrate transcendence within the home or within their domestic activities. Beauvoir shows how these illusions are unsuccessful in bringing the woman true transcendence and she gives her ideas on an alternative to this illusion making. Every human being tries to figure out who they are and it sure is a battle. Women have a tougher battle of building the capacity of transcendence for themselves. Immanence is a term Beauvoir uses a lot within a few chapters in her book. It is a term usually describing the female gender. Immanence is shown as a cycle symbol because it describes the roles of the female and how they never end, for example, housework or domestic chores. Yes, they can "kill" the dust but it always is bound to come back. Cleaning never ends. The word “nausea” is a characteristic describing this cycle because it never ends and it just keeps going. It’s like being on a spinning ride that just keeps spinning and makes you sick. Soon enough doing these chores getting tiresome and makes the women “nauseated”. Immanence is a term that defines…

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