The Second Sex By Simone De Beauvoir Essay

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First published in French in 1949, and deemed provacative enough to be placed on the Vatican 's list of banned books, Simone de Beauvoir 's feminist novel, The Second Sex, is considered to be one of the foundational works of second wave feminist theory. The book is an adept exploration of female otherness and oppression, and puts forward many theories that are still discussed today, one of which is “the woman in love”; in which she details – as the title suggests – the way women seek out and behave in relationships, highlighting their complicity in their own oppression. Despite the fact that more than 65 years have passed since the original publication of The Second Sex, Beauvoir 's theory of “the woman in love” remains remarkably relevant to contemporary gender relations. Her conceptualisation of women having to give all of themselves up for love, but men not needing to do the same, is a myth still circulated (and believed) today, and can be seen in relation to both the prioritisation of male homosocial relationships illustrated in Micheal Flood 's study, and Lori Adelman 's rountable on Beyonce and Bell Hooks.

Despite de Beauvoir 's disclaimer at the start of the book saying that her theories do not apply to all women, “the woman in love” is still a very provacative piece, one that is arguably anti-feminist in its portrayal of female dependence on love and being desired by men. However, one of the reasons that this piece continues to be relevant is because it continues to…

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