The Second Pharaoh Dynasty Under Djoser Essay

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Imhotep lived in the Third Pharaoh Dynasty under Djoser, and was a scholarly person whose expertise and philosophy went over many significant areas. Like being the first known Architect in history, engineer, doctor, and high priest to the Sun God, Ra at Heliopolis. And later on severed as Chancellor to Djoser. He was also first in line after the pharaoh of Upper Egypt.
He was but of few commoners to be bestowed divine status after death. Because of his status, people believed he was a deity, acting like a messenger between the gods to the people and was godly himself. Imhotep’s self-constructed tomb is still unallocated despite many attempt’s to find it. There is a theory that it was hidden in Saqqara.
Before Imhotep, Pharaoh’s were buried in Mastaba tombs. Mastaba meaning “House of Eternity” which were made from mud bricks and had outward sides that extended up to a flat top. They were buried in these castle/house like tombs because they believed in reincarnation and that they would come back in another life to all their riches. His first recorded build was the Pyramid of Djoser, better known as The Step Pyramid at Saqqara.
This shot Imhotep’s talent to mythic proportions. He used stone columns for support in his build, which he was not the first to do but with the mass size and the entire structure being made from stone made him the first in the field. The pyramid is simply the centerpiece of a complex tomb that included funerary temple, including other large rooms…

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