The Second Period Class Of Parker 's Room Essay example

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The Second-period Class in Parker’s Room
I arrived at the pre-Kindergarten School 20 minutes to 9:40 A.M. At this time, Parker was preparing for her second period class. During this class, Ms. Parker takes the children through her “Fine Motor Skills Development” lesson that is typical for most pre-kindergarten lessons. It was a fairly warm and windy morning. In front on the schoolyard are children playing around. The mood is good and students are busy with various activities. I spot a couple of friends playing around jovially. I realize that the dressing is significantly elegant with the latest versions.
O.C (Observer Comments): This school is most likely a upper class with students coming from well-off families. The fashion and joy exhibited by the students tell it all. Additionally, I could relate the school with that of valuing playtime for social cohesion and development.
When walking down to Ms. Parker’s office, children were returning for the next period. I could spot teachers in front of their respective class doors. Teachers monitor every move made by the students to ensure the maintenance of order. I passed through the principal’s office to report my presence. On my way, I came across two Hispanic girls with smartly dressed hair. They seem to notice I was a visitor since one greeted, “Hi, welcome.” “Thank you,” I replied and proceeded, feeling much welcome. The principal also gave me a warm welcome before being led to Parker’s room.
O.C.: Order is a significant…

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