The Second Outreach Activity During Our Anti Bullying Campaign

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The third outreach activity employed in our anti bullying campaign is a poster. Our poster design is simple, informative, and relevant to the desired population. The first design component is a plain black background, so the reader’s eyes are pulled toward the pictures and information, and in the center of the poster are the words “NO MORE”. These words are the slogan for our campaign. Thus, they are front and center on the poster. The words are written in the color red because it displays a sign of caution or danger. The goal of the slogan “no more” is to eradicate bullying from schools. Studies show that one out of seven students in the grades kindergarten through twelfth are either a bully or a victim of bullying (“Bullying Facts and Statistics”, n.d). This is a hefty number, and the effects of bullying are immense. Bullying can directly cause problems with school, health, and behaviors (“Effect of Bullying”, n.d). Stating the simple phrase no more means that the reader supports the campaign, and will fight to end bullying in every school across the country.
In a circle surrounding the slogan are pictures that display four types of bullying, including physical, verbal, social, and cyber. However, each picture has a red X through it, to show that each type of bullying is not allowed. The goal of the pictures is to inform the reader about the different types of bullying that exist, so they know what actions or behaviors are forbidden. First is physical bullying, an act…

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