Essay on The Second Night Of Summer By James Schmitz

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The short story, “The Second Night of Summer” by James Schmitz is of the fantasy genre, not the science fiction genre. The story itself is about an old Grandma who is tasked with saving a planet called Noorhut that is being targeted for destruction in a war between mankind and an alien race called the Halpa. On the surface Second Night may seem like a science fiction story, but the unexplained abilities of the characters, the majority of its elements being characterized more so as fantasy than science fiction, and the archetypes common of a fantasy story existing strongly in the piece it is a fantasy story. Considering that, as Orson Scott Card said, "A science fiction story works based on a set of rules that are explicit throughout the book, while a fantasy story works by rules that are rather vague and shadowy" (Treitel).
Science Fiction can be classified as a genre that, “draws on and extrapolates from what we know about reality and science” according to experts on Gotham Writers a site made to help aspiring authors. Understanding what science fiction is, the story “The Second Night of Summer” can not be classified as one because the characters have mystical powers that remain unexplained by any scientific principles. Granny is able to force Grimp to sleep seemingly with only the power of her mind, and she can telepathically communicate with her pony, and another creature unexplained. Granny put Grimp to sleep she tells him that he is asleep then her replies with, “No, I…

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