Essay The Second Most Prominent Element On Google 's S

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The second most prominent element on Google 's "About" page is its mission statement. After scanning past the impressive graphic that displays the company 's ubiquity in full force, the words "Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful" are the first to greet the reader. And for almost 20 years, it 's been succeeding. In 2010, they unveiled their most audacious project yet - the fully autonomous car of the future. With safety and its trademark sense of innovation in the driver 's seat, Google 's attempt to help people everywhere access the things they need is on the cusp of hitting the road.
Back in 2010 when the project was announced, Google positioned itself at the forefront of highly autonomous vehicles (HAVs) (Thrun 2010). Even today, its strength lies in how long the company has been in the game. With close to 10 years of research in the making, Google 's advantage of already having scoped out the field and grown a reputation with its consumers puts it ahead of Uber in terms of experience, who only announced their partnership with Carnegie Mellon to research autonomous vehicles in early 2015 (Craig 2015). The company bills itself as an extremely consumer-focused, and was even ranked #1 by the Reputation Institute as its Global Corporate Social Responsibility list (Miceli 2015). Unfortunately, Google is behind in many other aspects. Their agreement with Fiat Chrysler to produce 100 autonomous vehicles is…

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