The Second Half Of Rachel Kushner 's The Flamethrowers Displays A Subject And Issue

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In the second half of Rachel Kushner’s The Flamethrowers displays a subject and issue that allows to view the ideas, feelings, perspectives, or attitudes that is surrounded. In this case psychology is seen as the main subject to emphasize what is being brought up. However, the subject of psychology can be also be involved in issues such as buried pain/anger, the physical environment, violence, relationships, and identity.
The feeling of buried pain/anger brings in a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. For instance, Sandro who has buried the pain of his involvement of a death has led him to have “thought a lot about the man who drowned or tried to, in the East River” (363). As well revealing “Sandro had saved one man and shot another in the hand the one he’d saved had not wanted to live” (363). From this it has given Sandro an psychological effect to expressing guilt and remorse of his actions that due have consequences. In Addition, it has started to change his attitude and interaction with others but most importantly his relationship with Reno. It has left Reno psychological distraught with nothing but questions and doubts about herself and time she has been in New York, that has made her say, “I was alone again, like when I first arrived in New York, but it was a different alone. Things had happened” (344). This explains Reno has always felt alone as child and when she first arrived in New York. Though now she feels like now is different due to her…

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