The Second Great Awakening - Original Writing Essay

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Jackson started his law career in Jonesborough, now known as the northeastern part Tennessee. Despite being scarcely educated, he knew enough to be a country lawyer. Most of his actions came from the disputed land claims and assault and battery. By the year 1788, he was appointed as a prosecutor of the Western District and held that position in the government of Territory South of the River Ohio after 1791.

Jackson was elected as a delegate to the Tennessee constitutional convention in 1796. When Tennessee achieved statehood, Jackson was elected as its official U.S. Representative. The same year, he was elected U.S. Senator as a Democratic-Republican, however resigned within a year due to personal reasons.
During his presidency, he prevented South Carolina from seceding the Union in the Nullification Crisis.

A tariff is a tax on imports or/and exports (an international trade tariff). In other languages and very occasionally in English, "tariff" or its equivalent may also be used to describe any list of prices

The Second Great Awakening was widely known for its Religious revival movement during the early 19th century primarily in the United States. Gaining momentum in 1790 causing knowledge to spread.

Civil disobedience is the to follow particular laws, commands, and demands of the occupying international power or government. Can be formed into a sort of Anarchy.

Abolitionism was a social movement and public response to form together and finally declare the end…

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