Essay about The Second Friend - Original Writing

1281 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
Two friends sitting on the grass waiting for their third friend, desperately, so they can get out of the college for forever. After waiting for half an hour, they decided to go to her class and check. They found out she left class almost 45 minutes ago. They were shocked and angry, thinking “How could she do this to us?” They tried to call her, but she didn’t pick, because her phone was out of the area. This leads them to think she might have been stuck in trouble. They both start searching for her, asking other friends if they know, and at the end they went to her house. But she was not there. Her family was also tensed and scared, what if something wrong happen to her. Her father got a call from an unknown number, but he didn’t picked up because he was waiting for her daughter call. He got a message from same number, “ If you want your daughter, pick up my call.” He got a call and he picked up immediately. He put his phone on speaker, the kidnapper said “As she is a daughter of a businessman, she has to go through that, if you want your daughter, give us 10,000 dollar.” Her father said “Ok, tell me where do you want me to bring money.” The kidnapper replied “You don’t worry, you just go and bring money home, we will tell you all the details later.” The kidnapper hangs up the phone. After 40 minuter her father brings money home, the kidnapper called. “Bring money to the constructed building in the back of your house, without informing anyone. Her father went there and saw…

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