Essay on The Second Day Adventist Church

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Introduction When Ben Carson announced his run for office in 2015, the media was not the only group that was abuzz. The Seventh-day Adventist church become uniquely aware—possibly more than at any time in recent years—of the need to more fully understand the involvement of Seventh-day Adventist in the political arena. On a more personal note, I ran for council in the City of Niles in 2011, winning the seat and subsequently am currently running for mayor in 2016. Although I am not going to include many anecdotes about this in the report itself, I have included a brief discussion of this part of my life in one of the appendices. Adventists have traditionally seemed aloof to politics—with the belief circulating among some Adventists that politics is not appropriate to be involved in given the fact that we are supposed to be the remnant church. With this in mind the crucial question that comes into play is this: “What role does the Seventh-day Adventist have in politics?” This question swallows and entails several smaller questions that we will examine throughout this report. First, Should an Adventist vote, and who should and Adventist vote for? Secondly, Should an Adventist run for office, join a political party, or accept a job from the federal, state, or local government? Finally, is a focus on politics a focus on temporary things instead of a focus on eternal things and what is a pastor’s relation to this? The purpose of this research paper is to give a strong,…

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