The Second Constitutional Convention Essay

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The Second Constitutional Convention My week has been very eventful and even somewhat stressful, but to make matters worse I think I’m going insane, because either I had a very vivid dream in my government class, or I just traveled back in time to the Second Constitutional Convention. Now from what I know they had gathered because the Article of Confederation weren’t working out so well. Then they told me I was going to help them fix the problems and help them create the new constitution. When I was asked to speak, I realized this was a chance to change the way the government worked and maybe make things better, or worse. It was time to put those public speaking skills that I developed during my years of debate to use. My speech went as follows: Two hundred years into the future the constitution will be guiding a strong nation. While there are many great things about it there are a few things that need to be addressed. In the future there will be a civil war over the issue of slavery. This war nearly tears the nation apart and even afterwards there are tensions between the northern and southern states. The best way to avoid this completely is to end slavery right now. I understand some of you aren’t happy about this because you’ll lose your slaves, but if you don’t our society will suffer. Even two hundred years later there are racial tensions and discrimination. If you allow African Americans to live alongside you in the community and allow them to be educated the…

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