Essay on The Second Amendment Of The Bill Of Rights

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The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights states clearly that the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed on. This has led to one of the most complicated and volatile issues in America today. People on both sides of this issue have strong beliefs. Some argue that when our founding fathers wrote the bill of rights, the guns were not as deadly as the ones available today. Supporters of the Second Amendment today argue that people’s right should not be infringed on no matter what. Gun control laws should not be strengthened because there are already enough laws on the books, statistics show that gun control is not working, and more regulations only affect the law abiding. The federal government has not passed a new gun control law since the 1993 Brady Handgun Prevention Act and the federal assault weapon restriction (Vizzard, 2015). In 1994 the republican controlled congress put a hold on any further actions towards gun control at the federal level. At the state level there are a number of different views when it comes to gun control. For example, Arizona has some of the most lenient guns laws of all the states. Arizona does not require a background check to transfer a firearm, does not require a dealer of firearms to hold a state license, there is no limit on the number of firearms that may be purchased at one time, and gun owners are not required to have a concealed carry permit to carry a concealed weapon while in public (State Law Background, 2016). On…

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