The Second Amendment And The Amendment Essay

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The 2nd Amendment was put into act on December 15, 1791. When we study the 2nd Amendment there are two arguments relating to this Amendment. The first one is the individual’s rights and that this Amendment adopted to preserve individual rights and to keep and bear arms. Secondly it adopted the rights to preserve the states militia and or military. Our states’ rights to regulate fire arms have basically been nearly absolute due to case law. The 2nd Amendment has been interpreted to keep the federal government from regulating states, but the Federal Government has passed legislation based on its broad authority over the interstate commerce.
In 2011 Governor Jerry Brown passed a new Assembly Bill Called AB 144, assuming this would outlaw people from carrying an open handgun. Now going into further detail of this bill it would now be a misdemeanor to carry a weapon on a person or even in their own vehicle. Several laws that were presented on gun related issues would have made the gun laws that exist now even weaker than they were before. To put into perspective the importance of guns we can go as far back as to the second Amendment. Another key point is the court case Columbia v. Heller, which had to do with the right to bear arms( ). Through this case and its entirety, there were several factors in which case were left out and weren’t explained clearly and precisely.
The bills which were brought up each was shot down exactly three separate times and ended up never…

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