The Second Act Of A Doll 's House Essay

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In the second act of A Doll’s House, Nora does everything in her power to distract Torvald so that he does not read his mail. Krogstad has sent Torvald a letter in which he has detailed Nora’s debts and recent actions. When Nora’s pleas for Krogstad to spare her fall short, she realizes that she must resort to other means. During the play, Nora eventually asks her friend, Kristine, to help her since she and Krogstad used to know one another. However, this plan will also fail to achieve the results Nora wants.
In the meantime, in order to prevent a confrontation, Nora begs Torvald to help her practice the tarantella dance for a party. As Dr. Rank and later Torvald play the piano, Nora dances wildly and with great enthusiasm. However, Torvald takes issue with her performance and insists that he instruct her so that her performance later will be a success. NORA: (Takes out of the box a tambourine and a long variegated shawl. She hastily drapes the shawl around her. Then she springs to the front of the stage and calls out). Now play for me! I am going to dance! (Torvald plays and Nora dances) TORVALD: Slower, slower. NORA: I can’t do it any other way. TORVALD: Not so violently, Nora! [...] TORVALD: My dear darling Nora, you are dancing as if your life depended on it. NORA: So it does. TORVALD: Stop, Rank; this is sheer madness. Stop, I tell you! (Rank stops playing, and
Torvald goes up to Nora). I could never have believed it. You have forgotten everything I

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