The Seated Scribe: The Most Possible Sculpture

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One of the most famous unknown figures, as well as one of the most strikingly accurate sculptures of Ancient Egyptian artwork is known as the Seated Scribe; though its name is a more generic term, as it is unknown officially what this statue is called. There are many unknown mysteries behind this exquisite piece. Yet it 's overall detail, color, and lifelike quality attracts many, not only to admire its fine detail, but to research the history behind the sculpture. The Seated Scribe, also sometimes called the "Squatting Scribe," is an ancient Egyptian structure discovered in Saqqara, displaying a seated figure at work, and is overall a very detailed sculpture admired by many.
The Seated Scribe dates back to the Old Kingdom. The exact date
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The beautiful, yet baffling sculpture never fails to impress tourists who go to visit it, and those who have viewed pictures online or in textbooks. The artistry and mystery behind this scribe has been subject to research by many historians, archeologists, scientists, artists, etc. Bet Harris and Steve Zucker, both deans of art history from Khan Academy, composed a video, showing their positive interpretation of the Seated Scribe, first starting off with the history behind it. Zucker states the importance of the statue, "not only what it tells about Egyptian Society, but also because it 's a remarkably distinct sculpture ("Old Kingdom: Seated Scribe")." This is also when they dive into its characteristics. Harris describes the figure as looking, "very human, very natural ("Old Kingdom: Seated Scribe")." She also states his level of importance because he was able to write, which back then was a very important skill to have. He was "obviously of a very high class, because he had a sculpture made of him ("Old Kingdom: Seated Scribe")." They further describe facial details and overall beauty in the sculpture. According to archeologist Auguste Mariette, who discovered the sculpture, he supposedly found it north of Serapeum 's line of sphinxes. Furthermore to its unknown original location, excavation journals and archives were dispersed and lost between France and Egypt, and the site has been looted and vandalized, destroying any potential evidence remaining as to the sculpture 's true identity. There have also been arguments and debates regarding the actual date of the Scribe 's origination. For the most part, it is agreed from evidence that the Seated Scribe has been dated back from the 4th dynasty, since "writing scribes" were mostly dated back to 4th and early 5th dynasties. However, some have argued the scribe

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