The Search For True Happiness Essay

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The Search for True Happiness The problem we have in today’s society is that people work to acquire as much money and possessions as they can, and they think this will achieve happiness. Unfortunately, they do not understand that happiness cannot be purchased and our possessions will fade, no longer keeping our interest. As we engulf ourselves in our daily busy work, our relationships are becoming strained and we are distancing ourselves from real happiness. We are seeking the means of work and money as an end, and we are chasing the wrong things in life. We hide from our unhappiness by watching television or partake in activities to distract ourselves from our problems. We need to find true happiness and this is found in becoming virtuous, creating good friendships, having a good will, and we need to be able to contemplate all the beautiful things in life. In living in this way we will find true happiness and achieve our end in which we are aiming towards. In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, he says that there are two types of virtue; one is “excellence of thinking”, or better yet reasoning, and the other is “excellence in character” (Aristotle, 21). To have one type of virtue would mean you would have to also have the other. This is because, if one cannot reason properly on how to act in accord with virtue, then one would not act virtuously and would fall into vice. In the same way, if one did not have “excellence of character”, acting in virtue, then one would…

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