The Search For Power, And Superior Technology Essay

1763 Words Sep 9th, 2015 null Page
One major pattern repeats itself throughout history. The search for power transcends time period, culture, and language. Sometimes the way in which power is sought changes, because power comes in many forms. Knowledge is power, but so is money, influence, and superior technology. Sometimes, people seek to destroy the power of others by eradicating or stealing knowledge, money, or superior technology. Other times, to gain influence, they will take advantage of religion, or the resentment harbored by those oppressed, and lead a group of otherwise powerless people towards power. The odd thing about predominance is that rarely does any group want to give it up, because giving up this ability to rule over others is giving up the ability to choose, and allowing another group to oppress those who were previously oppressors. With every chosen form of power, there is a different path to achieving it; a different set of required materials, skills, and events to temporary paramountcy. So for every group of people seeking more power, there is a different way they must go about achieving it, different challenges they must face, and different goals that must be worked towards. Despite many similarities in motivation, each major power in western Europe had an entirely distinct approach to colonizing North America. Not all of these were equally effective for various reasons, and colonization was fraught with challenges even for the most successful colonies. The four major powers (France,…

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