The Search Engine Essay

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While sitting in one of my high school classes I was asked by a teacher, “Are you going to attend college?” My immediate response was “yes.” I grew up in a family where college was expected of us. I had never actually thought about where I would go or what I would do. As the time for applying grew near I filled out one application and now here I am at The University of Mississippi. Once I got here I realized I could present myself in any way I wanted. I could do the bare minimum or I could go above and beyond. Now one of the first assignments we were given was to read Ten Little Indians, a book compiled of different stories. The story that I related to the most was “The Search Engine.” The main character Corliss, a Spokane Native American, is finding herself through different events while navigating her way through community college. She is driven to learn more and better her own education through hard work and self driven determination. …show more content…
While on the other hand someone that grew up in a wealthy family will probably do the bare minimum with the mindset that everything will be okay with or without an education of a higher level. Hard work is only one step of a college experience. Going off and meeting all new people and being apart of an all new place can make an individual realize things about themselves. Personally college was a rush, even just getting here. I already have a whole new perspective on myself and life. So what makes people go through this realization? Maybe it is the aspect of going from one place to another, but personally I believe it has everything to do with

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