Essay about The Sea, The Earth, And The Stars

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the Sea, the Earth, and the Stars
In the beginning, there was a lone being. She called herself as Selene and she had not the slightest clue how she came into being. But if there was one thing that she knew for certain, it was that her life was very lonely. Overwhelmed by her feelings of loneliness, the deity realized that if a short while, she had grown bored with her existence, for she saw her life as simply that – existing, but not truly living. Surrounded by a vast sea of nothingness, Selene longed to create a world filled with others; a world in which she and others could grow, learn and love. In order to do so, Selene used her gifts of magic to create three beings using pieces of her own soul – and in time these beings would become known as her children. Selene named the three girls Terra, Moana, and Stella by Selene herself and upon their arrival into existence; she presented them with a task.
“My way of life is unsatisfying. The loneliness that I feel every second of the day has threatened to consume me,” the deity began to explain to her daughters. The children looked at her with sympathy, for while they could not truly comprehend their mother’s companionless existence, they could sense the agony their mother had gone through.
“I have decided that we cannot live in isolation, that I cannot continue with nor share this burden with you, my three beautiful angels.” Selene gazed upon her three daughters’ curious faces and smiled. Selene decided in that moment that her…

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