The Sculpture Of Menkaure And A Queen Essay

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Question 1:
The sculpture of Menkaure and a Queen was built around 2490-2472 BCE. The original sculpture of Augustus of Primaporta is believed to have been built around 20 BCE. These pieces of art were created in different periods and places. Throughout time there has been a similarity between civilizations everywhere. This is the want and need for leadership. In each community there has been a leader of some sort. While some of the leaders have similarities there are unique qualities that each society considered important and portrayed in their art. Menkaure and a Queen shows a king and a queen standing side by side. Important ideals were calmness, dignity, and permanence during this period. It portrays strong, unwavering power through its simplicity. Menkaure is standing with one foot ahead of the other in a dignified pose. They are both very compact with straight limbs. Menkaure is shown in the prime of his youth, portraying his muscularity and athletic body. His queen is in a similar pose, but she is embracing him, not leading him. They faces are serious and serene portraying confidence and permanence. There is balance in the sculpture emphasizing calmness. The king wears a fake beard, the symbol of kingship, and is naked down to the waist and the queen wears a thin, tight garment showing her curves. The simplicity of the sculpture shows how it’s less about what is seen and more about how it makes the viewer feel. This is similar to the Egyptian sculpture of Menkaure’s…

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