The Scripture Of The Bible Essay

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The Scripture in Forty-Two Sections is a collection of parables, traditionally considered as the first Buddhist scripture translated into Chinese. However, there are also aspects of the text that suggests that the scripture is actually a Chinese product. The reason why it is hard to distinguish one from the other is because the scripture is both. Physically, the text most likely have been compiled in China. Yet, it consists of Buddhist teachings translated in a way that makes it both appealing and understandable to the Chinese. With that said, the Scripture in Forty-Two Sections is both a Chinese product and a translation of Indian Buddhism. The traditionally believed origin of the Scripture in Forty-Two Sections is based on the legend of Emperor Ming. The earliest version states that the emperor dreamt of an anonymous golden deity that was flying towards his palace in Luoyang. One of his advisors identified the spirit as the Buddha. The emperor then sent envoys on an expedition to the west and upon returning, they brought with them a copy of the scripture. Later versions of this story is that the envoys returned with two Indian monks, Kasyapa Matanga and Dharmaratna, who translated the scripture. Noting that this story, like other reports of how Buddhism was first transmitted into China, is actually just a legend with many different versions. This puts the scripture’s Indian origin into question. In addition, there are historical artifacts that show that Buddhism has…

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